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Advertising Committee Defends Ad Campaign


PHOENIX, Ariz. (Jan. 30, 2009) — The advertising committee of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) met Friday, Jan. 30, during the 2009 Cattle Industry Annual Convention in Phoenix, Ariz. When looking at advertising all across the board, a company (or organization) has to decide how advertising can afflict change in consumer behavior.


The main challenge the committee faces is reaching the masses with the means provided through the beef checkoff dollars, said Glenda Flora, committee chairperson. Another challenge is the emerging health issues portrayed across the media.


“With a focus on targeting the health-conscience consumer, the advertising plan for the NCBA has to promote the protein available in lean beef,” Flora said. The committee’s new campaign features colorful ads that grab attention with words such as “protein” and “lean” in big letters, not to mention a great picture of a nice, juicy hunk of beef.


With recent discussion of raising the checkoff, committee members voiced uneasiness in asking for more checkoff dollars to fund a campaign that producers don’t understand. Vice chairman Terri Carstensen said that although producers may not understand the logistics of this campaign, the working group has reported that beef numbers have increased since the launch of the campaign and the nonagricultural consumer is reacting in a positive manner to the concept.


Flora said the committee should remember that it doesn’t matter as much if the producer likes the ad or not — the consumers have to like what it says.


“Sometimes you have to buy the ugly bull because he’s the one that can get the job done,” Flora said.


The Advertising Committee continues to develop ideas for how to get the healthy aspects of beef into the public eye. Keeping a positive presence in the consumer’s mind is a hardship these days, but with cooperation from producers, meat scientists and the advertising gurus, beef’s demand in consumer markets should continue to be on the rise.

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