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Pfizer Animal Genetics Advances Technology of Testing for AM

PHOENIX, Ariz. (Jan. 28, 2009) — Pfizer Animal Genetics has made new advancements in arthrogryposis multiplex (AM) diagnostics to improve its testing capacity. Investments in equipment and an improved testing methodology enable Pfizer to run larger numbers of samples more efficiently.

“We recognize the need for producers, regardless of herd size, to be able to identify AM-carrier animals, and our improved processes will help producers with larger herds test animals more efficiently,” says Nigel Evans, vice president of Pfizer Animal Genetics, a business unit of Pfizer Animal Health. “We have invested in equipment and technologies that improve our testing capacity with the ultimate goal of helping to identify as many AM-carriers as quickly as possible.”

Since Pfizer Animal Genetics is now an American Angus Association-approved AM testing facility, results will be officially recognized by the Association. Testing procedures have also been validated by Dr. Jon Beever, confirming the results are consistent and accurate in bothPfizer's U.S. and Australian laboratories.

The new, more efficient testing process has reduced costs and Pfizer Animal Genetics is passing these savings on to producers. New volume pricing will be applied to all samples submitted to Pfizer Animal Genetics for AM testing, including those previously submitted.

Pfizer Animal Genetics continues to accept the widest array of sample types including hair follicles, blood FTA® cards, semen samples or whole blood samples in purple-topped blood tubes. When submitting hair samples, producers should make sure that more than 25 hair follicles (with bulb) are included to ensure an adequate volume of DNA is available to complete the test.


Producers are encouraged to visit www.pfizeranimalgenetics.com on a regular basis for new volume pricing, ongoing updates and answers to frequently asked questions about AM testing, as well as information on how to submit samples. Additional questions can be answered by calling your Pfizer Animal Genetics representative or Customer Service at 1-877-BEEF DNA.


Pfizer Animal Genetics is a business unit of Pfizer Animal Health, a world leader in discovering and developing innovative animal vaccines and prescription medicines. Pfizer Inc is the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company.


Editor’s Note: This article was provided as a news release by Pfizer Animal. For further information, contact Doug Ricke, Pfizer director of marketing, at 212-733-7421 Mike Opperman, Charleston|Orwig Inc., at 262-563-5100.