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A Healthy, Tasty Breakfast Option

by Kindra Gordon for Angus Productions Inc.

DENVER (Feb. 4, 2011) — Starting your day with beef can add a healthy protein to your morning routine, and the beef industry is working to make it a more popular choice with consumers. Shelley Johnson, a registered dietitian on the NCBA staff, shared details about a campaign launched this fall with six new beef breakfast recipes as she addressed the Joint Nutrition and Health Committees Feb. 4 at the Cattle Industry Convention in Denver.


Johnson shared that the idea to promote beef as a lean, healthy, protein-rich breakfast item sprang from the Live Well 2010 conference in which health professionals shared ideas to give consumers more lean menu options for breakfast.


Research suggests including protein such as lean beef at breakfast promotes satiety, which can curb hunger when trying to maintain or lose weight, Johnson shared. Moreover, a new study finds that balancing protein intake across three meals by increasing protein intake at breakfast and lunch protects muscle when losing weight.


Six new beef breakfast recipes developed this fall were unveiled at the American Dietetic Association conference, garnering rave reviews, said Johnson. Among the recipes are a beef-and-spinach breakfast sandwich; beef-and-cream cheese bagelwich, beefy sweet potato hash, a beef breakfast burrito, beef sticky buns and beef breakfast pizza ole.


Johnson pointed out that the recipes are easy, and they offer quick grab-and-go options for time-pressed mornings or a great option for brunch. NCBA is hopeful restaurants will look at them for future menu options.


Visit www.beefitswhatsfordinner.com/search.aspx?q=beef breakfast recipes for the six new beef breakfast recipes.





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