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Unity Emphasized During Cattle Industry Convention Kick-Off

by Kindra Gordon for Angus Productions Inc.

DENVER (Feb. 2, 2011) — The spirit of working together for the common good of the beef industry — and the country — was the theme emphasized during the Opening General Session Feb. 2 as the kick-off to the Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show in Denver.


Steve Foglesong

2010 NCBA President Steve Foglesong addressed nearly 5,000 cattlemen and women Feb. 2 as he officially kicked off the organization's 2011 convention in Denver. Foglesong advised the attendees to reflect on 2010 successes but focus on possibilities for 2011.

Cattle producers and feeders, as well as industry leaders from across the country, were welcomed to Colorado by the state’s newly elected Governor John Hickenlooper — who took office just two weeks ago. Hickenlooper emphasized the importance of getting involved with government to help bring it back to its core value of efficiency and effectiveness.


Hickenlooper also shared the continuing importance of connecting people to where their food comes from. “People do need to realize that we have a safe, secure food source; and we need to protect that," he said. "It’s a national security issue just as important as fuel.”


Current NCBA president Steve Fogelsong also addressed the audience and shared some of the work and achievements NCBA has focused on during the past year — including working to open trade with Korea and others, fighting the GIPSA rule, and providing input for the new nutrition guidelines. Fogelsong called for unity and involvement by the membership, specifically stating that the audit situation that was scrutinized this year is done and needs to be put to rest so that the organization can move forward.


“This week we’ve got opportunities to stand tall. We need to agree to disagree and move on. Let’s put together a plan and move this industry down the road,” he stated.


Richard Picciotto

New York Fire Department Deputy Chief Richard Picciotto

Highlighting the session was an emotional keynote address by New York Fire Department Deputy Chief Richard Picciotto, who aided in rescue efforts at the World Trade Center Sept. 11, 2001. Picciotto was in the North Tower for several hours helping evacuate civilians when it collapsed around him. Amazingly, he survived.


From that experience, Picciotto said he learned three lessons to share with others:

  1. You have to remember priorities in your life. “Any time there’s a tragedy, you get very focused. Embrace what is important, and don’t lose sight of it,” he shared. From his experience, Picciotto said family and friends are crucial.

  2. This country needs to stay united. “We need to agree to disagree. There is no room for picking sides in organizations or politics. We need to try to fix what we can; we can’t let our minor differences divide us,” he said.

  3. “Faith, hope and charity are what got me through this,” Picciotto said, and added, “That’s what we do in this country is help those in need. Let’s not forget that.”

In closing, Picciotto emphasized the importance of remembering the troops that are dedicated to protecting and preserving the freedoms of America as well.


Picciotto’s book, Last Man Down, documents his account of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and the aftermath.






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