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Karl Rove Addresses Convention

Former White House chief of staff advised cattlemen to get involved in reclaiming the country and fixing its problems.

by Troy Smith for Angus Productions Inc.

Karl Rove

"We are at a crossroads these next couple years," Karl Rove told cattlemen. "Do we — the United States — want to be a shining light to the world; a source of big dreams and innovation, or do we want to be a place where dreams are constrained and our vision is cramped?"

DENVER (Feb. 3, 2011) — Thursday morning brought nearly 5,000 people together to hear columnist, commentator and political pundit Karl Rove address the 2011 Cattle Industry Convention in Denver. The former senior advisor and White House chief of staff for President George W. Bush was the keynote speaker during the convention’s second general session. With quips like, “I’m Karl Rove, and I’m a recovering government bureaucrat,” he mixed levity with his commentary on serious and often discouraging subject matter.


Rove poked fun at the signature ponytailed hairstyle of incoming NCBA President Bill Donald, but aimed his sharpest barbs at Washington politicians. He opined on the current state of government affairs, noting troubling trends toward overspending; overregulation; and overconfident, even arrogant, behavior of too many government officials, both elected and appointed.


Rove shared stories ranging from that of pioneering cattlemen Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving to those of modern military personnel who have demonstrated the tenacity and perseverance that have personified America. But there is “a nanny-state a-comin’,” he lamented, which threatens to stifle the American spirit that made this country. It’s being pushed by bureaucrats who think Americans can’t or shouldn’t have to take care of themselves.


“There are too many nutty professors who don’t understand how the real world works, and they’re in charge of the regulatory process,” said Rove. “If you mishandle your land, you pay a price. That doesn’t sink in with people in Washington who think they know more than you.”


In turn, Rove targeted the economic stimulus bill, health care legislation and continued deficit spending by government. He noted how the stimulus was supposed to remedy unemployment, but unemployment has increased. Rove cited growing opposition to supposed health care reform, particularly among health care professionals, and explained how insurance premiums are rising. The costs of stimulus and health care legislation plus more unbridled government spending has the country swimming in red ink.


“There never has been a country in the history of the world that has spent its way to prosperity,” stated Rove, warning that the United States appears to be following in the path of Greece toward economic ruin. It’s time, he said, to remember the country we once were.


Calling for increased trade, Rove said, “We need to sell what we grow, produce, manufacture and create all around the world,” adding that consumers abroad still want American quality and innovation. “America can compete anywhere in the world, as long as the rules are fair and the playing field is level.”


Rove said the United States can again be a country of liberty, freedom and responsibility, unless its people are willing to just accept what government sends their way. He advised the audience to get involved in reclaiming the country and fixing its problems.





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