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New Product Roundup

Highlights from the 2011 NCBA Trade Show.

by Kindra Gordon for Angus Productions Inc.


DENVER, Colo. (Feb. 25, 2011) — A highlight of the annual Cattle Industry Convention is the Trade Show featuring industry products from animal health, forage and equipment to genetics, feed supplements, information management — and everything in between. Following are highlights of some of the innovative products and companies at the 2011 event:


FeverTags are lightweight [½-ounce (oz.)], easy-to-use, cattle temperature-detecting devices. The tags are installed like most two-piece visual identification (ID) tags, and are made from durable weather-resistant plastics that include a computer microprocessor chip that monitors core body temperature. Once fever is detected, an ultra-bright light will turn on, signaling that the animal’s normal temperature has been breached and warrants further attention. Cost is estimated to be less than $3.50 per head using the tag on three 60-day turns. For more information visit www.fevertags.com.


Animal Innovations has developed a platform technology that transforms a conventional syringe into an intelligent injection system called Automated Injection Technology (AIT). Using weight, the AIT automatically fills a syringe with the correct label medication dosage for each specific animal. The AIT system has undergone field-testing and studies at Texas A&M University. Medication application recommendations by Pfizer predict a significant positive impact and cost savings for users of the AIT system. Field trials have proved the patented AIT system works with a dosage accuracy exceeding 99.95%. The company is also developing a portable unit capable of nearly 1,000 injections on a single battery change. For details visit www.animalinnovations.com.


The Spika FenceMaster was created to make building fence in rugged country easier. The product is made by Spika Welding and Manufacturing of Lewistown, Mont. Sporting tandem axles and a ¾-ton payload capacity, the FenceMaster, a 4-foot-wide aluminum and poly trailer, is compact and maneuverable enough to pull behind an ATV, yet more than capable of carrying a day’s worth of fencing materials. With three rotating wire spools on the back and the self-closing staple and post clip bins in the storage boxes, it offers a practical design. The FenceMaster comes equipped with lights and all necessary features to be licensed and street legal. Several accessories are also available. For more information visit www.spikawelding.com.


GrowSafe Systems of Airdrie, Alta., has made its name known to beef researchers and producers worldwide since introduction of its GrowSafe feed intake and behavior monitoring units in 2000. The company took that experience and knowledge to the next level by developing GrowSafe Beef (GSB) — an automated watering system that monitors the growth and health status of as many as 300 animals in pens at commercial feedlots. Since 2007, GSB units have been in use at feedlots cooperating with GrowSafe to validate the system’s capabilities, the GSB watering systems are now becoming commercially available. Get more information at www.growsafe.com.


Minnesota-based Genova Labs is a maker of autogenous vaccines suited for special problems in feedlots, ranches and backgrounders. Genova Labs can identify multiple strains of common pathogens and custom-manufacture vaccine for the new Moraxella bovoculi pathogen causing pinkeye, as well as customized vaccines for Mycoplasma bovis, Mannheimia haemolytica, Pasteurella multocida, Histophilus somni and Salmonella. Learn more at www.genovalabs.com.


Hoop Beef Systems provide a controlled environment to protect cattle from environmental extremes in a deep-bedded, totally roofed structure. The hoop facilities are suitable for calving, backgrounding or finishing cattle and can aid feed efficiency, minimize weather stresses and lower death loss. Contact the Vermillion, S.D.-based company at www.hoopbeef.com.


Billed as a “total sampling solution,” the TEGO blood collection card from ITL Animal Healthcare offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective method for collecting, processing and storing bovine blood samples from the ear using a modified tag applicator. The collected samples dry quickly, can be stored at room temperature, and can be sent to the lab for animal identification, genetic/trait selection testing, as well as designated disease tests. The room-temperature storage means blood samples can be sent through regular postal mail, which reduces costs of handling and storing blood samples. For more information and a video clip about using the TEGO ear collection cards visit www.itlanimalhealthcare.com.


Rite in the Rain is an all-weather writing paper that sheds not only rain, but humidity, sweat, blood and other liquids associated with working in the cattle industry. Rite in the Rain notebooks even survive an accidental trip though the washing machine. For the beef industry, the company offers several sizes of spiral notebooks or blank sheet paper, as well as a pocket-size calving book, breeding book, and an animal treatment record book. The products can be used with a pencil or all-weather pen from the company. Rite in the Rain ensures that your beef records will survive the rigors of the field, regardless of the conditions; visit www.riteintherain.com.


Sexing Technologies is now offering sexed sorted semen around the globe. The company processes sexed semen for all major artificial insemination (AI) companies and offers In Vivo and In Vitro embryo collection. Commercialization of sexed semen in the United States was initiated with a 2003 license granted to Sexing Technologies, now providing highly skilled personnel to staff their different laboratories around the world. For more information visit www.sexingtech.com.


Trazaro provides a simple, practical and affordable way to capture and manage animal records via the Internet and smart phone application. By using existing Smartphone technology, Trazaro links firsthand animal data to a web portal where it can easily be stored and analyzed. Information on breeding, birth, weaning and animal health can be captured without investing in costly Internet Technology infrastructure. Trazaro is Blackberry- and Droid-compatible. It is also compatible with both the Allflex RS320 Series Stick Reader and the Destron DTR4. Learn more at www.trazaro.com.


From Fort Supply Technologies is the Archer, an ultra-rugged field PC that is field-ready in the most extreme environments (-22° F to 122° F). Packed with a 520-MHz Intel XScale PXA270 processor, the Archer can handle large data sets with its 512-MB flash memory. The handheld Archer is housed by a magnesium case with easy grip over molding to provide waterproof, dustproof and shockproof protection, as well as offering a transflective LCD screen. It is also WiFi-supported. Also from Fort Supply Technologies is the Headgate Antenna made by Destron Fearing. Mounted directly to the chute, it offers reliable, hands-free scanning in the chute to temperatures -22° F.The Antenna’s Axiz Reader can be configured to connect either cable (RS-232) or Bluetooth to the Archer.

Visit www.fort-supply.com for more product information.


Alpharma is introducing Bovatec 2.2, which offers all the advantages of Bovatec — like increased average daily gain and greater profitability — with the convenience of a block. Each 44-pound block contains 2.2 grams of lasalocid sodium per pound. The medicated block allows producers to easily integrate an ionophore into their existing nonmedicated supplement or concentrate program. The block form allows for reduced labor and equipment needs, as well. Bovatec blocks are suggested for use on a free-choice basis with one block per 15 head. For more visit http://bovatec.com/.





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